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A new level of Transfer Pricing automation based on the latest SAP technologies

EXA OTP enables both operational process efficiency and global Transfer Pricing data integrity.

Tax compliance, process efficiency, and finance transformation programs, such as migration to SAP S/4HANA, will increasingly dominate the Transfer Pricing (TP) discussion. Data structures and financial reporting systems must keep pace with the fast-growing demand for an agile and transparent Transfer Pricing system with continuous data consistency on a global level.

Full automation of the Transfer Pricing life cycle

Discover how finance, tax, and IT functions can benefit from automating planning, financial reporting, monitoring and adjusting of Transfer Prices, to final documentation using EXA Operational Transfer Pricing.

The next generation software solution

Manage your global TP needs with a unified SAP user experience which allows deep-dive reporting, analytics, and TP adjustments as part of your digital TP function transformation while effectively reducing costs and increasing transparency.

Support each step of the OTP process

Our experts apply in-depth knowledge of leading SAP technologies with intercompany TP practices to implement a leading, scalable solution to enable our customers to manage their global TP obligations effectively.

Reap the rewards

Unleash SAP S/4HANA capabilities and computational power to transform your TP control environment now.

Seamlessly connect to your SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, and other systems

EXA OTP is certified by SAP to interoperate with SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Certified Integration with SAP S4/HANA

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Embracing the automation of Transfer Pricing

Frank Schöeneborn and Divya Vir Rastogi of EXA AG discuss how the development of state-of-the-art Operational Transfer Pricing solutions are enhancing the day-to-day work of tax professionals.

When it comes to Transfer Pricing (TP), data collection for the documentation is usually a manual and painful process every year. Inconsistencies are commonplace, and an active steering of profit allocation along the global value chain seems to be fantasy. But nowadays, a new SAP (ERP, S/4HANA) add-on solution can help.

Tax experts have been struggling with data collection for TP documentation for many years. While it does not often take long to describe the TP system in master and local files on functions and risks and to select appropriate Transfer Pricing methods, in audits, ultimately it depends on the figures…

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EXA @ TPMinds International 2020

EXA @ TPMinds International 2020

EXA will be participating again in the world’s largest gathering of Transfer Pricing minds: the TPMinds International Conference, in London on March 24-25, 2020. TPMinds provides a forum for discussions and workshops around all possible Transfer Pricing topics. We...


“We are proud that our innovative SAP add-on for Operational Transfer Pricing meets the high expectations of our customers.”