The Right Choice?

Comparing Transfer Pricing software solutions

Recognizing general functions and identifying high quality features plus advanced options that will offer true value in the long run.

The checklist

While existing solutions appear to offer similar functionality, they are only able to provide minimal features and basic customization options.

In Operational Transfer Pricing in particular, it is therefore important to understand that just because product functionalities are checked in the list does not necessarily mean that the features delivered will fully meet actual requirements once implemented.

Workshops and PoC

Before choosing a solution, EXA offers a series of workshops and subsequent proof-of-concept (PoC) to avoid any nasty surprises, poor decisions, and costly mistakes.

Assess the degree to which EXA’s OTP standard functions with integrated features meet your expectations and whether some customizing or custom development effort is required as part of the implementation project.

Unlocking real value

Gain a complete understanding of how EXA OTP can contribute to increasing value while assessing its functionality and apps with integrated features.

As operational TP, finance, or IT program manager, you are in the perfect position to decide which IT solution will provide the most value in your given setup.


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