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EXA OTP – The Operational Transfer Pricing software solution of choice for SAP ERP/SAP S/4HANA

Numerous standard features plus extensive customizing options for the operational management of complex TP systems.


Improve group-wide cooperation

by increasing and maintaining awareness of global Transfer Pricing methodologies, processes, and responsibilities


Ensure transactions at arm’s length

by monitoring legal entity profitability while actively supporting corporate tax strategies



intercompany sales of goods and other transactions to ensure they are priced and posted in SAP in line with the OECD’s arm’s length pricing policies


Check that true-ups and adjustments

are accurately processed and reflected in TP reporting figures regardless of frequency


Engage key stakeholders

across the organization using SAP technology that manages complexity and improves data accessibility and availability


Comply with global TP data requirements

by accessing instant views across the entire group on entities, transactions, costs, products, and accounts


Monthly monitoring

with little to no manual data manipulation and measurement of the impact of any Transfer Pricing scenario on group financials, bottom-line, and ETR


EXA AG, a partner of SAP SE, offers a highly-integrated and customizable solution for Transfer Pricing automation in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA environments.

EXA OTP: Intercompany Map

Intercompany Map

  • Intercompany (IC) value flows
    See what happens in your multinational group during the course of the year
  • Flexibly analyze inbound and outbound IC partners 
    Gain a deeper understanding of the entity’s IC business partner for each type of transaction
  • Filter and zoom in/out on any map element
    Easily start a deep-dive analysis on IC traded volumes and re-group across all dimensions
  • Highlight any IC black boxes
    Select periods, entities, transaction groups, and businesses to gain valuable insight into IC business

Management Dashboard

  • Everything at a glance
    Identify where your MNE stands today and what might happen towards the year-end
  • Identify what needs attention
    Sort and filter by transaction where tested entities are out of range
  • Monitor the impact of updates
    Take control and monitor the extent to which actions lead to the desired result
  • Focus on what’s important
    Gain an overview of countries affected by deviations and start mitigating local tax risks
EXA OTP: Management Dashboard
EXA OTP: Segmented P&L

Segmented P&L

  • Unique profitability insights
    Select an entity and discover what year-to-date profits or losses are resulting from IC business
  • Inbound, outbound, or both 
    Flexibly monitor profits from inbound & outbound IC transactions including IC partner information
  • Key allocation engine
    Configure and automatically run the inbuilt OPEX/SGA allocation engine and apply any key of your choice
  • Transaction types, functions, methods, PLIs
    Continuously monitor arm’s length margins in the segmentation you need to ensure correct remuneration

SKU Margin Analysis

  • Powerful analytics on a material level
    Deep dive and discover the root causes for TP deviations on a material level
  • Portfolio changes
    Learn more about the sales portfolio or cost changes and accurately update any individual prices that need to be changed
  • Top sellers and slow movers
    Understand the major IC volume drivers and impact on the overall transaction group results
  • Balance margins within the transaction basket
    Avoid any IC price dumping or massive price changes that may result in a loss of control over results
EXA OTP: SKU Margin Analysis
EXA OTP: Transaction Matrix

Transaction Matrix

  • Global and local matrix
    Display an IC transaction matrix with inbound and outbound transaction volumes from a group or local perspective
  • Trade volume and results
    View the amount a particular multinational enterprise (MNE) entity charged another group entity, and vice versa
  • Year-to-date and year-end
    Gain an early understanding of IC business volumes and drill down into further details
  • TP documentation feed
    Extract transaction matrix data into any local files for consistent and efficient TP documentation preparation

Update prices in the event of deviations

Updating prices through an approval workflow at product level is an integral part of the solution.

The solution provides a wide range of configuration options, such as cost allocation rules or the flexibility to store the Transfer Pricing data model with transaction groups and related profit level indicators (PLIs).

User Interface

The web standard SAP Fiori has a uniform, modern appearance. Since it is practically indistinguishable from other SAP applications, such as SAP S/4HANA, familiarization periods are much shorter. With the SAP Fiori My Inbox, the EXA Operational Transfer Pricing (EXA OTP) solution also features a powerful and easy-to-use approval concept for workflows with which S/4HANA systems users will soon become familiar. EXA’s OTP solution also offers a standard set of data analytics reports that can be flexibly expanded and adapted to suit specific company requirements.

Certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA

SAP Certified Integration with SAP S4/HANA

EXA OTP is certified by SAP SE for integration with SAP S/4HANA and is based on the well-known high-performance HANA database. The application uses established SAP technologies and offers interfaces to financial data via standard extractors, thus avoiding regular and manual loading of flat files.

OTP Connect installed on source systems

The solution reads data from profit and loss accounts, as well as granular information from single intercompany invoices with quantities and prices per line item. By technically connecting underlying product master data and accounting information, a standard reporting system for Transfer Pricing is provided that includes segmented P&L reporting plus transaction matrices.

On-premise and cloud

Options are available for data management for smaller, often non-SAP group entities. Multi-dimensional role models can be defined for authorization and authentication, and the solution can be easily integrated into the customer’s single sign-on strategy. Installation is possible on-premise as well as in a cloud environment.


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