Frequently Asked Questions about EXA OTP

Understand the options when thinking of an EXA OTP implementation and gain insights to aid your decision-making process.

Does EXA OTP support flexible deployment scenarios?

Yes, EXA OTP supports different deployment scenarios depending on client requirements. It simply requires an (existing) SAP NetWeaver based HANA system on premise or in the cloud.

Does EXA OTP automatically load data from source systems?

Yes, EXA OTP can be tightly integration with any SAP ERP system without the need for frequent manual data preparation.

Does EXA OTP offer possibilities to load data from non-SAP systems?

Yes, EXA OTP can load data also from non-SAP systems using multiple technical interfaces such as file uploads or remote DB calls.

Does EXA OTP work with S/4HANA?

Yes, EXA OTP works with both current SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems.

Does the certification of EXA OTP for integration into S/4HANA offer tangible benefits to clients?

Yes, the certifcation provides clients with certainty that EXA OTP works with existing and future SAP core products as well as other SAP Add-Ons without interference.

Does EXA OTP allow quick onboarding of users?

Yes, EXA OTP uses standard SAP Fiori guidlines and controls so users don’t face a steep learning curve in using the EXA OTP application.

Does EXA OTP support customization of the product to specific client processes or needs?

Yes, EXA OTP offers extensive customizing possibility and in addition interfaces to develop custom required functionalities during project implementation if desired.

Does EXA OTP provide audit trails for transfer price changes or similar IC reporting and pricing activities?

Yes, all relevant user activities (e.g. forecast generation, price settings, manual adjustments) are tracked and can be linked to approval workflows integrating seamlessly with the standard MyFiori Inbox.

Does EXA provide different licensing models for OTP?

Yes, OTP is licensed using a perpetual or subscription licensing model applying various parameters. Details can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Does EXA offer support for OTP?

Yes, clients can sign a maintenance contract for the licensed version. In addition, further client specific support packages are available.

Does EXA further develop OTP on a regular basis?

Yes, EXA maintains an EXA OTP product roadmap to provide functional updates with new releases. Important innovations would be part of new versions usually requiring an upgrade.

Does EXA support collaboration with different IT consulting partners for the implementation of OTP?

Yes, there are various options how an implementation of EXA OTP can be supported from various implementation partners. Details can be discussed case by case.


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