OTP Consulting

On time, in full, within budget

Any investment of time and money in OTP automation will have an operational, organizational, and financial return.

Gear up

The key to achieving an “on-time, in-full, within budget” result is to manage EXA OTP implementation projects through solid project management with clear deliverables and integrated change management.

Team up

Teaming up with our multidisciplinary team of professionals who have extensive “been there, done it” experience lets you work smarter without wasting valuable time and resources.

Our software architects, SAP technology experts, functional Transfer Pricing experts, and dedicated software developers understand your unique business challenges and the complexities of organizing, managing, and supporting successful business process digitalization projects.


Helping to accelerate the OTP implementation process for you, minimizing your risk and increasing the success plus adding high value to your Operational Transfer Pricing process.

Differentiate your TP function and turn the latest SAP innovations into reality with intelligent, next-generation Transfer Pricing software that can be customized and scaled to your current and future business needs.